Thursday, December 27, 2007

Paul Rowland - Picture of a Moment

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It never ceases to amaze me how the internet works, if you hang around long enough you see a LOT of different things and at this stage I've put in years of study and nothing much surprises me. One of the most endearing/infuriating traits of internet life is the way people casually drift along on the current for a while and drift off never to be seen again. or people like Paul Rowland, for example who pop up from time to time. It's been a long while since I last heard from him. I reviewed Serpentine Soliloquy (March 2006), a dark, alternative edged rock thing that shouldn't be surprising considering that Paul was well into Goth rock at the time. As I finished the review, I wrote 'I'd like to hear more from this artist'... we are many, many months later. See. Works every time. ;)

As you can see by the appellation to his bandname, he's gone all stringy now. Picture of a Moment features harp, cello and violin and is exactly what you would expect from the genre. So good is it that (at the time of writing) it was riding high in both the Classical: Contemporary and Classical charts. So how come, I ask myself, is it that three (makes a quote sign) users rated this track a perfect one? What is wrong with this picture?? With it's echoes of Central European styles mixed with some wild gypsy blood, if I was looking for good classical music this would be what I would want.

See, the thing about doing classical music is that you really have to know what you are doing to be able to pull it off properly. I've messed around with classical music a lot (or at least snatches of it anyway) and I know how hard it is to get that particular sound. A cello is an especially difficult instrument to capture but Paul manages to evade that problem entirely, in fact the whole production reeks of hard work and attention to detail. It was written for a wedding and I'm certain it went down a treat.

Highly Recommended Classical trio.

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