Saturday, December 22, 2007

dcallen - When The Sky Falls

Hear The Track Here

Don't know about the rest of you guys but I breathe massive sighs of relief that Soundclick veterans like dcallen are still around. For those who have never made his acqaintance dcallen is an electronic musician for people who don't like electronic music, and I bear full witness to this incredible bit of jiggery-pokery having experienced it myself countless times in the four or five years I have known him. That's the one thing about these artists, their music often has legs beyond the wildest dreams of the bulk of wannabes. I also credit dcallen with being one of the very few electronica artists to finally convince me that electronica did have life outside of 4-2-thefloor, bleeps, clicks and whirs.

Dave (for it is he) makes music that lives and breathes, for all its electronica and there are very few artists indeed who can make that happen (consistently anyway). While I haven't kept all his tracks there are certainly enough of his old ones hanging around on my various drives to fill a big sized folder. Which is where When The Sky Falls is probably going to end up very shortly, because its well up to the usual high standard of work I have come to expect from this artist. From the outset, the music stamps its mark, its confidence almost overwhelming and I was expecting it. Gawd knows what the unwary listener would make of it.

Other than a very good thing, of course.

I've always admired the way dcallen works with melodies and When The Sky Falls are some of the best I've heard; the way the track builds is pure wizardry and the sounds - as always - are original and fresh. Its the way dcallen ties it all together though where the real magic occurs. Although it borders on the odd occasion into a kinda/sorta video game soundtrack, it's still sufficiently classy enough to keep even a dyed-in-the-wool cynic like me content. I'm a sucker for sequencers and their progeny (called sequences funnily enough) and When The Sky Falls sports some lovely examples. I'd recommend listening to them if for nothing else.

Top flight electronica. MUST HAVE for fans and Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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