Sunday, December 30, 2007

Omnisine - Mora Piya

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Now we are down to the very last three tracks of 2007, it's nice that one of the three is an old, established review favourite. See, despite all my bah humbug tendencies I do like to spend the New Year time with friends and if there is hope for me, there is hope for everyone. Regular readers will already know that Omnisine is an electronic musician from India who has provided this reviewer with many good tracks - and some great ones - in the time we have known each other. No matter what, I am not going to comment on the who the vocalist on this, other than to say Varsha has the sort of voice I would personally kill to work with.

Funnily enough, Omnisine hasn't really made his chops with music from his own country - or at least until recently. There have been a couple of forays into that territory but most of his output thus far has been in western style rock and its variants. Not that I am complaining though because it's been those tracks that have stuck with me. First off, IM(very)HO Omnisine is a talented musician and producer so its a sure bet that his work will sound good, but occassionally it can get to be phenomenal. And yes, that is a good deal of bias I am showing but - as ever - I have the track to back up such a statement.

From the opening notes (a gorgeously treated keyboard pluck) to the ending fade out (which goes on forever...) Mora Piya Ft. Varsha is a work of world music art. Omnisine has outdone himself in all aspects with this track. I am used to a very high standard from this artist but this track blew me right on my critical butt. It's kind of hard to be critical when my jaw is scraping the floor. The space and light Omnisine has built into the production and arrangement is a huge factor in releasing the power of the track, everything has its place and time and fulfills it perfectly. Some great production tricks on display too, especially the use of echo and reverb which suits Varsha's sinuous, nuanced vocal style giving it a resonance that just has to be heard to be believed.

Absolutely knock out. World music of the finest kind. MUST HAVE

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Varsha said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It was fantastic working with Omnisine and I hope I can do it again some time.