Friday, December 21, 2007

The Wimshursts Machine - Wind Sailer

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Every once in a while I see a track appear on the monthly review list and it somehow obbsesses me and this track is this months version. Although I could have sworn I have reviewed The Wimshursts Machine before, I can find no trace of it. There again it may well have been at one of those great Friday Night Live sessions that were happening over at the original POP - ie before it gained its 'space. Ha ha (Ed: Do get on with it Gilmore, no-one gets your saddo in-jokes). OK, I stand eviscerated and will continue... Despite the high falutin' English name the band is, in fact, a group of Italian musicians who are - no other words for it - unbelieveably good. World class for sure. One of the better finds on the Internet in anyones books. That was the prime reason I was looking forward to reviewing this track, its been a long time since I heard them last.

In a way also, The Wimshursts Machine, it typifies the calibre of artists attracted to the various offshoots of Chris Bishop (big cahuna of POP and POPspace). There is a very, very high bar set by the majority of the musicians I have met through the various POP incarnations and none express that better than this band. Just listening to the first few bars of Wind Sailer (not sure if that's a spelling error or not) will show you just how accomplished they are. Not a computer in sight, just a large bunch of guys playing their hearts out and that definitely makes all the difference in the world. Here is a track that, when listening, you can actually see the musicians playing the various parts.

For sure there is an undeniable Latin feel to the trap and - in places - a weird kind of jazz-rock infusion that wouldn't have been out of place in the early 1970's. So it goes without saying that even though you might recognise the quality of the musicians, you may not like what they do collectively. That's gonna be damn hard though because I thoroughly enjoyed this track, especially seeing as I don't particularly like this kind of music. As I say though, that's small change indeed when given a work of such strength. I'm not surprised that the Wimshursts are as popular as they are; there is no-one quite like them.

Excellent blend of styles. Most Highly Recommended

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