Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fear 2 Stop - Path Of Destruction

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Well, here it is December already so it must be Fear 2 Stop time. In case you have been offplanet for about four years, Fear 2 Stop is a multi-hued beast many Soundclickers have become familiar with, sometimes totally unwittingly and that can often come as a shock. As you can see by the oh-be-joyful sentiment expressed in the title, Fear 2 Stop are not ones to tread lightly on subjects you or I are adept at dodging. For the sake of overall sanity, ya understand. They started off 2007 in fine form, delivering Crawlspace, Givin' In and The Napkin Fairy all of which I thoroughly enjoyed but since then, nothing that really caught my ear.

I entered the Path Of Destruction with the usual aplomb...

The wariness that Fear 2 Stop often arouse in me is because I'm never sure which way they will go; the hit-miss combination that has dogged them since forever or the new, tougher version I like a lot more. See, the last couple of tracks have been a slight return to the inward-looking, musical devilry they exhibited in the early days. OK examples of what the band do but not anything that could reach out to a wider audience like the other tracks I have mentioned. Luckily Path Of Destruction is the best of both worlds; some of the essential oddness that characterises Fear 2 Stop with a muscular, driving backline.

Fear 2 Stop have made a feature of their work an unerring ability to go for the cheese and milk it for all it's worth and Path Of Destruction has a couple of classic examples. A stringy synth is the first culprit; the kind of sound you get in a game and turn off as quickly as possible. I can't say I am overly impressed by the whistling piano sound either but at least there are some interesting thinsg going on with. As I say, I prefer the more propulsive side of Fear 2 Stop and this fits the bill in more ways than one.

Recommended experimental.

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