Sunday, December 30, 2007

Buzrk - An Artist Hero

Hear The Track Here

Third time around for Miami hip hop rapper Buzrk and I've had lots to say in the past about how this artists tracks sound and flow. Funnily enough 2007 has been a landmark year for this reviewer and hip hop on Soundclick; I've found some artists this year who are way above the usual depressing standard. There again, when looking at this kind of music, it is important to take into account most musicians making hip hop don't have the wherewithal to experiment enough to start getting it right - talent or no talent.

Personally I think Buzrk does have talent, although it's very rough and helped in no sense by the way the finished track comes out sounding. Almost every track on Buzrk's page is made by collaborators of some kind - some you would recognise, some not. In this case the beat is produced by Mister KA and Sean Divine, well known and respected beatmakers whose work is usually of a high standard. If you listen carefully to whats happening underneath Buzrk's rap, you may be able to hear some of that. it's also something I have brought up about Buzrk's work before. Not much point in having purchased a slick beat if you can't really hear it or feel its effect.

From the moment that Buzrk talks over the introduction of the track, you know that - however good the rap - that glaring error will dog the track itself. There is an edginess in the vocal sound as well as in the flow, making the words kinda mush together at times as if in a rush. Not a good thing when the point is the words. Whatever else happens, Buzrk is going to have to come to the realisation that he is up against some serious, serious competition for whatever ears are out there in search of this kind of music, he is going to have to up his game considerably. For sure, he's got the right attitude and style but it needs a lot more polish yet.

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