Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dan E Peck - Ibanez Strut (Bach)

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Speaking as a proud possessor of a good acoustic guitar, I well understand Dan E Peck's obvious love of his instrument. Ibanez Strut is the clue. Dan owns an (and I quote) 'Ibanez JS 100 with a Dimarzio Mo Joe Hummbucker pickup in the neck position, and a PAF Joe in the bridge position' which is obviously waaayy too much information but a good indicator of how much love, attention and respect the man has for a lump of wood and six strings. Takes all sorts ya see. Still, I am also one for getting lost in the arcana of guitar playin' n' pluckin' so I can't fault Dan's attention to technical detail. In case you have run away with the impression that is the end of the story, think again. Dan is a guitarist guitarist (if you know what I mean) and he also plays 'Gibson and Jay Turser Les Pauls, Gibson flying VEE, Epiphone Embassy 5 string bass, Tobias 4 string bass, and a Takamine accoustic.

Obviously this man is responsible for a lot of trees ;)

Currently number one track in the MP3 Unsigned User votes chart (ie you and me voting) and rightly so because despite all my festive jollity above, Dan E Peck is a guitarist to be nurtured. Ibanez Strut is Dan's rendition of Bachs "Jesu, Ode to Joy" and he's helped out in this case by MP3 Unsigned's Mark Holley on keyboards and Dave Stanbough on Drums. The drums bit really should intrigue you long before you hear the first note. After all, when was the last time you heard ol' Johann rocking out? Of course, he's been dead for hundreds of years and that will tend to hamper your movements. If you are one of those people who always adopts a bemused expression when someone starts talking about classical music, but then when the track starts playing you go 'Oh, I KNOW this one....'

This is one of those kind of tracks.

As a young man I had my brain warped forever - especially on the classical music front - when I heard Gun's version of Katachurian's Sabre Dance - which this track reminds me of. Power play is the name of the game and believe me it is NOT going to get much more powerful than this. As sterling a job as Mark and Dave do holding up their end, they kinda fade into the background once Dan gets his strut on. Although it's a wonder to me how the man can walk with such a huge pair of rock stones but hey, some people are just born special. OK, so don't take my word for this but if you've waited all your for that special track that will (literally) blow your fekkin ears off, wait no more. Here be monsters, fire and brimstone and all manner of rock goblins.

Rock of the very best kind. 11+ MUST HAVE and PLAY LOUD!!!!

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