Sunday, December 09, 2007

-LMS- Miami - The End Of The World

Hear The Track Here

Interesting that this track came back to back in the review list with Souls In Chains, again giving me fresh contrasts on a familiar theme. LMS Miami is an artist who should be familiar to you if you take an interest in the genre. I've reviewed around three of his tracks now and haven't always been for the music but the guy can sure spit the verbals. Produced by Beta Control (Ed: who? what?) The End Of The World sounds like a nice cosy experience, so let's blithely trip to our dooms eh?

Hey, why is everyone running away? ;)

LMS is a rapper who as always aimed at the more accessible end of the rap world, and I do believe that this is the first time I have heard him absolutely nail it. Looking back over those past reviews, I see now what he was trying to do and, boy was it ever worth it. The End Of The World is nothing like as heavy as it sounds, it's almost acoustic sound keeps the interest perfectly. That surely would have been enough for any mortal but then LMS wallops a whole shedload of new tricks, including a much more pointed production and arrangement than I have heard from this artist. A perfect complement even.

At it's heart, The End Of The World is an extremely accessible, very pop sensible track that snatched my attention from the getgo. I've always liked the man's flow but again on this track his voice becomes an essential part of the propellant that drives it to the wall. As much as I liked the Soul In Chains track, I have to admit this was the more surprising track to me personally, and that's down to me knowing how much he has put into this. As good as he may feel about the way this track came out, I feel just as good. For him and for me and you. Wanna hear some class rap that understands what a 'hook' means? This here is it. So radio friendly it comes with a free ear massage.

Yo Miami, just keep rockin. MUST HAVE rap.

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