Friday, December 07, 2007

David Deal - I Don't Know What

Hear The Track Here

First Popspace artist up for review this month is a new name to me. No idea what he does or where he is from but I guess that doesn't matter too much eh? We all speak the language of music. There are are elements of classicism in both his writing and his music which kinda led me to expect age. Just goes to show that one should never let ones assumptions into the driving seat because you are libale to crash and burn as I did with this excellent track. The only vaguely new-ageist thing about is the lyrics which are based on a poem written in the 16th Century.

See, I told you this was a brainy one :P

The music, however, has some finely honed musculature to go with the grey matter and one of the most powerful pairs of lungs you are likely to hear this side of nirvana. I Don't Know What is in fact a hybrid; partly rock (of several stripes), partly soul (especially the vocals) and partly anything else that fits. Surprisingly enough, once the dust had settled after the initial excitement of the first few plays, it started getting better again.

There's a lot going on in there Jim lad.

There's some lovely musical moments; the guitars especially overall but in the quasi-Queen sections they burn down the house. Not anything like as fiery as the vocals courtesy of Ms Cynthia Lugo; the kind of voice you are not likely to experience that often. Lending that to an almost prog-rock arrangement should be sinful and probably is, but by God it feels so natural that you don't even question it. Can't say I'm over-excited about the mix but I tell you what you can hear everything that's going on and that's saying something. As I said it's a very full track.

Highly Recommended blend of Pop, soul and spiritual.

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