Saturday, December 22, 2007

STAN (UK) - Revelation [Summer 67]

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Funnily enough, there were some survivors of The Original Summer Of Love. Mind boggling to know just how much age you can tot up eh? I am, of course, speaking from my infinitely superior-old-fart stance on the subject and because I feel I have a right. After all, I am one of those survivors but like many others, definitely disturbed. Mind you, not as disturbed as I was by the description of this track. I quote: Mungo Jerry meets Austin Powers. Neither of which, by the way, had anything whatsoever to do with TOSOL. Although I like Mr Powers, I can't stand - and never have been able to - Mungo Jerry. hated 'em then, hate them now. There is no better grudgemaker than an old fart and you can take that to the bank.

Stan (UK) (or just Stan to us...) is a band that comes with some sterling introductions including one from that star of stage and screen Maria Daines, who has done a collaborative track with them. Anything the Bawd lends her chocolate covered fingers to is OK by me, and Stan were most polite about saying hello. See, manners DO maketh the man. A bit of experience helps too, and it shows in this track which perfectly captures the music of the period. There again, it would be something to expect from musicians who list the Beatles, Kinks, Small Faces as influences.

Revelation [Summer 67] is, in fact, a direct descendant of the tracks that did adorn that insane period, ticking boxes from 10cc to Blur along the way. No doubting the style and professionalism either, both in production and performance. The only thing left is for it to hit your ears correctly which indeed it does. A lovely peice of work and no mistake. I suspect it will be a bit too lightweight for some tastes but even so they'd have to give the band kudos for getting that sound so right. Speaking personally, I liked this a lot but my own tastes tend towards the more serious end of pop so it isn't a Stan track I'm going to be keeping. I have no doubt that they have one hanging around that I will take home to Mum.

Highly Recommended pop.

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