Sunday, December 09, 2007

Souls In Chains - Sleep With Angels

Hear The Track Here

Soundclick is an enormous site. You can spend weeks in there and only just scratch the surface; and that's just the main R&B/Hip Hop categories not to mention the hundreds of other - obviously not so popular or commercial - genres that the site wallows under. So, that's my excuse for not hearing of Souls In Chains (great name btw). It's obvious they have been on the 'Click for a while because the message board and page/plays stats tell another story. Best thing about it is that they describe themselves as 'a dark and downbeat fusion of Hip Hop, Gothic Rock, and Screamo'. Now I don't know about you but IF they could actually pull something like that off, it would be well worth listening to. Wouldn't it?

AAAh, you have that wary, sceptical glint in your eye... Trust no-one.

One of the things I like most about rap is the wordplay. As you may have noticed I have a savage glee with my own language and I'm always happy to come across lyricists who do the same thing musically. Not only are Souls In Chains excellent rappers, they exhibit a surprising sophistication; especially lyrically. Full marks then because they are the very FIRST rappers I have ever reviewed on Soundclick who post their words along with the track. I sure wish other rappers would take note, because - as I say - words are one of the major joys of rap music. Its certainly the centrepoint of this track, although its very competent musically too which shouldn't be overlooked.

Sleep With Angels has been number one in both the Hardcore Rap and Hip Hop charts for a while and rightly so because it's a tour-de-force and streets ahead most of the stuff around. My only whine (there's always one) is that I think the vocals have been somewhat over-compressed; there's some noticeable volume changes and a shrillness to the vocal. Mind you, that may well be just the ringing in my ears. Lyrically, Sleep With Angels seems to be a track about topping yourself (Ed: he means commiting suicide) which - as you can imagine - is a tad harrowing should you be a pussy. Looked at another way, it's a telling glimpse into personal desperation. It mind sound grim, but it isn't. It's a tale told well; with conviction and authority. I don't ask for more than that.

Top Class Rap. Highly Recommended. And not a cuss word in sight.

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