Friday, December 14, 2007

Youth_UK - Guessing Games

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Or just plain ol' Youth as many of those who know him refer to him. I guess the UK came about because there are probably millions of the you't. Anyfekkinhow, THIS Youth is a musician from London who I've known forever (or at least it seems like that), and you may have (unsuspecting like) have actually seen him on a Channel Four program a few days ago. See, it's GOOD to know stars! Reason is, Youth devotes enormous acres of time finding and nuturing young musicians who have the same deft touch with soulful R&B as the man does himself. In the process he has given me some stonking tracks down the years, and he is always a jaw-dropping listen - especially if you like the genre anyway.

It's been a long, long while since I've heard anything from him though, so this came along at just the right time. Youth is joined on Guessing Games by Frank H Carter III of whom I know precisely nuffink. As sure as a touch as Youth has with R&B, I know for a fact he's also a jazz head of the first order and on this track he is dabbling in both his main food groups. Guessing Games is a superlative production, it goes without saying; that's always been one of the HUGE strengths of this artist. There's also a beautifully relaxed arrangement going on beneath the vocal fireworks that you probably won't notice straight away, because of those self-same vocals.

You'll be too busy picking your jaw up off the floor.

The highlight of this track - as good as it is technically and musically - has just got to be the liquid tones of Frank H Carter III, a vocalist from the old school who uses his voice as an instrument rather than a karaoke machine. The kind of singer who takes great pride in delivering the kind of vocal performance truly worthy of a real world situation. People often accuse me of being a little too over-enthusiastic about certain artists and track but come on.... Some of them just cry out for a little justice. This one shouts it from the rooftops. Everything is in the right place and it all sounds awesome; if this were X Factor this would be a shoo-in.

MUST HAVE. Unique blend of R&B and jazz. Killer.

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