Friday, December 14, 2007

Cam's Even Song - No Limits

Hear The Track Here

It was at this time last year when I was busily going through the collection of tracks I had kept through 2006 and compiling my end of the year reviews; the renowned (Ed: in their own lunchtime of course) Stevies! There was no question last year - as there is this - as to who might be my Artist Of The Year 2006. I think most people saw it coming a mile off. After all, having notched up at least FIVE must haves and having seven tracks on my hard drive at the end of the year way above anyone else, how could I not? It doesn't, of course, JUST depend on the music, the recipient HAS to be an active member of Soundclick forums - and this year has seen a marked decline in ALL forum activity...

Aaah, did notice that, did you?

Anyway, Cam's Even Song appeared also be be a popular choice to be AOTY, and 2007 has seen the man (Cameron Bastedo in person) really s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g his personal envelope - always a good sign. One of the main reasons why Cam's Even Song is so popular is because his music its instant accessability in the time tested old school method, The one favoured by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and others, all of which Cam claims as influences. Certainly shows up in his music and I'd say it is fair to say that he is coming up with some astonishly varied ways of telling his tales.

No Limits should come as no surprise to us grizzled Cam vets, but it would come like a bucket of ice water to the unsuspecting listener. It has echos of the Travelling Wilburys, a musical experience I do - to this day - enjoy enormously, and I guess that's one of the main reasons I can relate so strongly to what this artist has to offer. Cam was complaining he had a cold in this, and I can see why but I don't think anyone outside of his nose would be able to tell the difference because I certainly couldn't. Cam is always a class act as a musician and stronger as a songwriter so this should come as no surprise...

MUST HAVE. Vintage Cam's Even Song.

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