Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blue Bird - Metamorphosis EP

Hear The Track Here

As you can imagine, I get a few review requests. Such is the deluge that I don't review half of what lands in my box because I seem to have got on all sorts of lists, rather than people stumbling across the blog and requesting - which was my initial vision. So it takes something different to make a request stand out from the unsolicited stuff, usually it's the visuals that go with it. In the case of Blue Bird it was three things: this graphic, singer Marta Fiedler, and the comment that Blue Bird's music is 'make-out music'. How could I resist? I am so shamelessly tawdry I know but I put it down to growing old disgracefully.

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Blue Bird are a seven piece band from Omaha, Nebraska and having listened to the EP, I understand the 'make out' comment and agree somewhat. As you can imagine the music is fairly laid back, and has a definite country feel to it and I notice the band refer to themselves as Americana and I'd agree with that too. Musically, this EP is a treat, excellently recorded and mixed, capturing some beautiful performed music along the way from some very accomplished musicians. Technically then, there isn't really anything wrong with this EP, and a great deal to recommend it to you.

Obviously you'd need to like its blend of styles (country/rock/Americana) and appreciate a good song - and who doesn't like a good song. Marta has a clear, strong voice that fits the material like a glove and while it veers into the sugary sometimes, it's a minor inconvenience when looked at overall. Moreover, music like this is always going to be a personal taste and I would bet that more Americans are going to take to it than us philistine Europeans, but shame on us then. As a change of pace from the usual monthly kerrang and profanity poems, this is bliss to my ears. Blue Bird, too lazy to fly, just lie down here and r----eeeee---lax...

Highly Recommended Americana.

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