Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rustik - In A Funk

Hear The Track Here

Ever since I reviewed Rustik's Backpack (March 2010) he has been one of my favourite Soundclick hip hop musicians (and that's a very small list). Not, I might add, that I reviewed the guy's actual backpack, that would be too stupid even for me who makes an artform of stupid. After all, what kind of review would it be? Three chewed pencil stubs, a dirty sock, three candy bars that have seen better days and about 40lbs of baggy lint. Couldn't even recommend the baggy lint, could I? Although I must admit I was tempted right there....

Anyway, enough of this nonsense. Rustik is one of very few hip hop rappers who tries to put some distance between his work and the more commercial stuff that poisons the airwaves...and that is cool by me. However, I had to check but this track seems to have come out at the same time as Backpack and I am hoping that will explain why I didn't like it much. Older material see. The reason I say this is because the newer tracks are the type I describe above, but I think In A Funk is...well in a funk I guess.

Rustik, as a rapper, isn't IMO the problem. Nope the fault lies with the music, although it will probably only be me that says that. As far as someone who either likes Rustik or hip hop will definitely go for this but I think I've heard what he is really capable of, and this isn't it. Sure, it's a nice enough hip hop track but 'nice enough' isn't going to cut it for me. Having said all that, this is an artist I predicted big things from this year when compiling my year end review of 2010, and I still hold to that. So, I guess I'll be waiting for some newer material...(sigh). In the meantime, should you like hip hop and/or Rustik, don't let my churlishness put you off...

Recommended hip hop.

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