Saturday, May 21, 2011

Markie Gee - Silence

Hear The Track Here

OK this is too weird for me. I've spent a while listening to Markie Gee's Silence track, happily I might add. It's actually a really nice bit of electronic dance and you know I don't do that genre too well. So there I was ready to do this review and generally when I am writing the reviews themselves is where I do most of the research - including this all important links. A lot of the reason my reviews are successful, I suspect, is because I have always been really scrupulous about making sure that the links are correct simply because my readers are - how can I phrase this delicately? - really, really lazy *****. (Ed: I intervened because he REALLY shouldn't say that to you guys...)

So, sore point number 1: maybe the link I am supplying here may not work. Either that is because Markie Gee is no longer at Soundclick, or Soundclick and he are having some sort of tussle over his pages/content. Against that background, as much as you may not be able to hear it, if Markie is still around we can get a valid link to it. The reason, therefore I am pursuing this review is because the track is actually worth the trouble searching out. Not sure about the vocal being used in it, it's very slick and sounds professionally recorded - and that may indeed be a problem with Soundclick hosting it.

Obviously its dance overtones wouldn't have done much, but the electronica that the dance rhythm provides is a direct descendant of 1980's electro-pop in feel and sound, very Euro if you know what I mean. What comes out is a very accessible pop track that has a lot going for it which is why I am so frustrated that I am not able to provide a verifiable link. OK, so if you like commercial hip hop or anything electronic brings you out in boils and weeping sores, this is not the track for you. If you like what I have described then this is well worth tracking down.

Highly Recommended light and bouncy electro-pop.

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