Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dep - Put You On Ft Lazy Jaw & P Of Untitled(DTP)

Hear The Track Here

While places like Soundclick et al are awash with hip hop music, rappers and bands, that doesn't mean to say that they are neglecting other parts of the internet because this link - for example - is to the artists blog. Doesn't seem to have a website for music other than Mixtape Central, otherwise known as the excellent datpiff site. Dep's first mixtape, The First Installment, is there, and this track is one of its contents. Although Dep is a new name to me, obviously he isn't on the hip hop scene because he drops a lot of names on his blog.

The Mixtape lists Johnny Juliano, Vybe Beatz and T-Minus as producers and Lazy Jaw, Untitled of DTP, Cush, VS, Royalty as rappers. Mind you, I have no idea whatsoever because none of those names mean anything to me and nor should they. What we have to go on here is the music and, in that respect, it is a bit of a mixed bag. Kneeling on the confessional, I have to say that commercially inclined hip hop does not appeal to me in the slightest, and Put You On comes dangerously close to being exactly that. This is obviously a personal taste thing and should probably be taken into account.

Technically, this is exactly what I would expect given the roll call of names but it is right up at the tamer end of the scale and while I can appreciate both the musicianship and the rapping quality, the track stylistically doesn't do very much for me. There again, as I say, this is definitely not aimed at someone like me but having heard almost everything that could be thrown at me from my reviewing activities, I'd say if you DO like commercial hip hop this is as good as anything out there. Personally, I would like to hear something less - how can I put this? - nice.

Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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