Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fear 2 Stop - The Flood

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Oh just when you thought it was safe to go in the water along comes a flood, and not just an ordinary one too, it's a Fear 2 Stop one. Be afraid. There again, if you have been exposed to this Houston, TX trio before you will already be experiencing a certain pucker factor. Regardless of anything else. Fear 2 Stop compositions take some assimilation but - once bitten - it is amazing how fond of them you can become. So while I was prepared for the usual level of musical bedlam from them, I was totally unprepared for what appears to be their most commercial sounding track yet...


Well, it is Fear 2 Stop we are talking about here, the last thing it would be is straight forward. This has always been a band that takes great delight in confounding and confusing listeners and taking a path that is distinctly their own. You are certainly not going to hear that many Fear 2 Stop clones, nobody else would want to take such a difficult path. Mind you, a lot of us Soundclick vets have grown a marked liking for their particular brand of experimental electronica and the most surprising thing about this track is that it's pretty much vanilla, dance-flavoured electronica. Definitely not like the band's normal blend of analog and digital sound.

The music on the track dates from 2001 and is the very first Fear 2 Stop track ever and - I suspect - the sound and feel has more to do with the software they used to make it than anything they intended. The vocal, however, was added this year and that is the reason this track carries a Parental Advisory - a lot of swearing and general profanity and there are no lyrics printed so its difficult to tell what its about. A very different sounding track then, and one that carries a bit of history with it, not only the first F2S track ever written, but also the first to feature a 'proper' - if such a term can be applied - vocal from Billy Castillo.

Recommended oddity.

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