Tuesday, May 24, 2011

C Anthony Goggin - Time Flies

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This is the second time round for Soundclick acoustic musician Cody Goggin, whose Snow (February 2011) didn't get me excited, but merely because it was plagued by several problems completely outside Cody's ambit. In short, no equipment. Well, there's a guitar and there's a voice and this is acoustic after all so what's the problem? The problem is that Snow is essentially a demo in every respect of the word, and knowing what it's like out here in internet la-la land, they have much the same problems as RW music business demos. They get binned, sight and sound unseen. As I pointed out in that review, even in the one man and his geetar stakes, the musical and technical standard available to yer average listener is intimidating - even the barest skim of Soundclick would show that.

So here we are with Time Flies and nothing much has changed which suggests two things: nothing has changed (Ed: said that already) in his technical ability and or equipment OR this is from the same time period and maybe he's doing something different now. Mind you he does say that Time Flies is 'just a sort of demo' so at least its clear what you are likely to get. While my initial impression was much the same as before, listening further brought a couple of things to light.

First off, this is actually a better song than Snow, although it took me some time to wring that admission from it. For me, the real problem here is the lack of confidence coming through the vocal, it gives the whole song a breathless, lets-not-make-a-noise edginess that doesn't suit the lyrics or the accompaniment. Said accompaniment being largely strummed chords on what sounds like a decent guitar although it's been recorded on a mantle thick wodge of cotton wool. Having said all that, Time Flies is a decent almost-country song that aches to be done properly.

Recommended for the song but be prepared for lo-fi though.

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