Saturday, May 21, 2011

DeepSeaGreen - Valsorda EP

Hear The Track Here

If your puzzlement is vast, that's because you weren't around when we reviewed DeepSeaGreen's eponymous debut CD (August 2010) and they contacted me lately with this, their second official release. More a mini-album than an EP, Valsorda should - by reckoning - have taken the band on somewhat from this first album. Classic rock is what this band were about, and very good they were at it too, Listen to me, sounds like I am talking about something from the distant past, rather than last year.

So what is Valsorda? and should you care?

DeepSeaGreen are comprised of brothers Jon and Dan Jefford, Marco Menestrina and Trent Halliday and Soul, Stray Cats And The Cosmos (track one) instantly shows that the band has not changed one whit in the main things, and I think the feel and sound of this EP is somewhat heftier than the first album. All well and good then, so what kind of music? Well, back when I was reviewing the album I compared them in sound to early Free, and although the vocalist sounds slightly like Paul Rodgers, that impression soon wears off. By the time Coagula slithers into view, the stage is set for some steamy blues rock, sounding like a weird cross between Canned Heat and the aforementioned Free.

As I seem to be endlessly pointing out, classic rock is my own life soundtrack so no matter how much I stray into other things, this was always my first love, so I am going to expect respect whenever it is attempted. What colours all of the Valsorda set is heavy blues rock of the old school and all members of the band deliver perfectly to capture the raw, musically energetic lope and style of the genre, the last three tracks in particular are awesome in that respect. Other classic rock bands may be slightly more pop than DeepSeaGreen, but these guys obviously love the genre because it shows up on every track of this excellent EP. What it has done for me is made me more determined to catch the band live, and soon too. Watch this space.

MUST HAVE Classic (blues) Rock.

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