Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rude Corps - UCallMeSir - Poisoned (Rude Corps Mix)

Hear The Track Here

As you can see, I did a bit of a whoopsie on the title but I was confuddled... The track is actually by a rapper who Rude Corps has worked with very successfully in the past and is the main reason I've been willing this up the review queue all month. Well, there's always one, ya know? The first Rude Corps/Sir collaboration was When There's Just You and Me (March 2007) and it were a belter although - given Cheryl Cole's present linguistic problems - Americans may have trouble understanding it. (Newcastle Ed: nowt wrong wi' a Geordie accent!!!) (Big Ed: that's a crap accent and you are fired) Her Perception of Us (May 2007) was the track that really got my attention though and I don't think I've heard anything from them since. Heard plenty from Rude Corps of course, too much some may argue.

To which I say **** off. No such thing as too much.

If there is a track or an artist that really deserves the 'alternative hip hop' tag assigned to this bad boy, I've yet to hear it. More to the point, while I've been lauding the same alternative hip hop from our cousins across the pond such as Rustik, Gangbangsters, Twizzie et al, I'd forgotten just how sharp and pointy UK based hip hop can be. Mind you, it's almost inevitable that the lyrical content will be highly topical, something I have certainly come to expect (and relish) from Rude Corps, and something I know from previous exposure to the most excellent (if mysteriously titled) Sir. Stylistically then, this is a pretty bleak track but only if you let it get to you. Personally I like topical/political songs, for me that was one of its main functions back in the day.

Sir impressed me with those first tracks and this is only going to burnish that reputation. Makes me laugh when people say that (for example) The Streets are one of the UK's leading lights. Not in my world mate, and not in any of my friends worlds either who much prefer the rawness and energy pumped out by some of the UK's complete unknowns (many from the North East UK too as it happens). Propelled by an edgy, almost industrial music track, Sir delivers a lecture about the state of the modern world which has bite in more ways than one. It's the all-over relentless listen-to-me-or-*******-die feel that captivated me though. The aural equivalent of being mobbed by a Stop The Cuts rally.

Excellent (and HARD bwoy) UK hip hop. MUST HAVE for fans. Highly Recommended for nervous nellies.

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