Friday, May 13, 2011

Thomas J Marchant - The Lost Dream of Being an Astronaut

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By far one of the most prolific and spontaneous musicians on Soundclick, Thomas J Marchant has come a long way from his callow musical youth, when he was about as experimental as they come. Mind you, he could still be termed experimental in some ways, certainly he could be thought of as a bit of an acquired taste. Personally I like Thomas's style and have done for a long time but I do appreciate there are bound to be detractors. Thomas has, in my view, blossomed into a quite extraordinary singer/songwriter with his own particular feel for what's right and I know he has enough admirers to make this all worthwhile.

So whats on the menu this month?

Actually a blend of the callow youth mentioned above, and the more nonchalant Thomas we have come to know through his songwriting. So, experimental nonchalance anyone? The sound of such an unlikely beast is obviously going to be a question of taste. One thing I have learned about Thomas, you either like his work or you don't, he doesn't leave any room for compromise. In my view, Thomas fits into a nice little niche of his own and - shame on me - I have even used him as references for other tracks I review.

However in this overcrowded environment I still contend that there is no-one quite like Thomas and, whatever flaws it might have, his music appeals to me. Flaws? Weeellll (waggles fingers).... It's a question of perception I guess. You could listen to this and think that there is too much reverb on the voice (well, well, well), that the arrangement and performance is a bit ramshackle and you would be describing pretty much any Thomas J track. For people like me that is exactly why I like him, that simple, direct approach surmounts any number of technical problems. Having said that, this IS pretty rough sounding and that may very well put some people off...Thomas, however, likes it like that.

Recommended whimsy.

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