Friday, May 13, 2011

Darius Lux - Time Is Now EP

Hear The Track Here

As an honoured and distinguished journalist (Ed: pffttt) I get offered all kind of goodies not available to members of the general public (Ed: he means you guys). OK I know it might be stretching a point to describe the endless begging letters I get as 'goodies' but hey, at least it is some kind of perk. One of the nicest of those beggars (Ed: sure you meant to say that?) is Amanda from the excellent LaFamos hype factory, who has put me onto some fine music since I first appeared in their begging list. Fact is LaFamos work hard to get the word about their artists out and their artists are definitely world class, at least those I have heard so I had no difficulty getting to grips with Amanda's new pash - LA's Darius Lux.

Time Is Now is a six track EP, and if you need a taster track for what his music is like, point yourself for a listen to No Problem (track one of the EP). Parts of this track are soooo American in sound and feel and then suddenly switch around to sound eerily close to Paul Rodgers and the early Free; as English as it gets. Darius describes his music somewhere as 'soulful and thoughtful rockin urban pop' but he left out the extremely high quality of the recorded sound, and the performance on this first track is nothing less than sublime. A lesson in how to craft a perfect pop song, right here. There again I could say the same about every single track on this superb collection of songs. The only problem, for someone like me, is not to get carried away by just how good this EP in every respect.

Of course it's commercial; that's the point. It's also a collection of incredibly user friendly songs that pull you straight into the action, making them IMHO about as commercially viable as it gets. So why then, is he not a massive star? S'no good staring at your feet, the answer is not down there. So here we have a musician who has everything lined up in a row: great image, very sophisticated commercial nous concerning the kind of music he make, and a performing and production side that is as up to the mark as the music and songwriting. My blog is amazing, every once in a while it does spit out these little jewels and Darius Lux is up there with the best of them, so I'm a happy puppy. Whether this will lead to anything positive for Darius is up to the gods but if the live video of Moondance is any indication, it's only a matter fof time before someone bites.

MUST HAVE hottie ;)

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Tiffany Davis said...

YAY, an awesome review of Darius' Music which it should be! Thanks Steve for your great review and true insights, here's to Darius' music goin thru the stratosphere.