Wednesday, May 25, 2011

JCH (UK) - Living In A Different World

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How often is it you feel you are living in a different world to everyone else? I certainly do, but that's probably got more to do with my messed up existence than with the reality the rest of the world lives in. Anyway, enough about me, James Crosby Hancox (JCH to you guys) is a regular review favourite of mine from Soundclick and this will be the (counts on fingers) gazillionth (not really but almost) because he's quite prolific which is a good thing because he's also quite good at what he does. Said task being of the songwriter variety and JCH is one of the brighter talents around in that direction,

Last time we heard from him, he gave us Nightmares (April 2011) although, in truth, it wasn't that scary unless you count my balladophobia which reared its ugly head in my review. Now I'm as easy going as the next man if I had to deal with the odd ballad but when a musician starts lobbing them at me with regularity I am going to get well suspicious. Living In A Different World (where people love ballads apparently) isn't exactly a four hankie weepie, more of yer actual rock ballad and that is why the blood splatters are absent this time. THIS time. Hear?

Several things mitigate against instant annihilation. He's a terrific songwriter, an accomplished musician and a decent singer into the bargain and - finally - Living In A Different World shows its rock roots splendidly. It's got some class instrumentation (as JCH points out in the song comments), lots of lovely jangly guitars, but the prize for me is the understated organ bed that emphasises the choruses. A pure 1960's sound that suits this track so well. Fans of James Crosby Hancox (of whatever stripe) will find much to like about this track as do I, outside of the whole ballad thing (Ed: OK Gilmore, we have that now...)

Highly Recommended classic rock ballad.

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