Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chayse Maclair - It's Getting Darker

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A new name to me from Soundclick, Chayse Maclair is an American hip hop rapper, of which Soundclick seems to have countless hordes. In probably the harshest market on Soundclick, and the RW in general, it's going to take someone working in this field delivering something really off the beaten commercial track to really grab your attention. Fact is, Soundclick has some very good rappers and some world class producers and beat factories, one of which - Anno Domini - supplies the music on this track and they have long been among my favourites. I have heard their music done by more rappers than you can shake a stick at. A good indication of just how many people like their style.

Of course the big problem with beat factories on the one hand, and a wannabe rapper on the other is successfully marrying the two together and that is where most rappers fail IMHO. The rap would be on, but the music would be off, or vice versa or - on the odd horror - where neither jibe together. I tend to get a bit snarky about it when it doesn't work, especially if the rap steps over the music. The good news is that Chayse Maclair definitely knows enough to make sure that the backing track is front and centre and it should be - this is a nice piece of work from Anno Domini.

If you are breathlessly expecting me to give you the bad news now, there ain't none. Chayse also delivers a quality rap, done with considerable style. While it isn't as standout as it should be to really get attention in this genre, the man does the job well. As you know, commercial rap doesn't have much resonance for me, but I am a keen aficionado of indie hip hop a la Soundclick and other indie sites, and Chayse Maclair fits right in with that. For me, a lot of the power in this track, unfortunately, comes from the excellent music track but I suspect Chayse is going to prove that wrong with further tracks, and he's got a lot on his page :)

Recommended hip hop (knockout music track from Anno Domini)

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