Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emmett Grayson - That Rock Is Gonna Roll

Hear The Track Here

Although I have always been into American traditional folk music, I haven't always been a fan of its more commercial aspect known as country and western. For sure like most people of a certain age (and obviously geographical location) I can remember the first time I heard Johnny Cash but he was a giant beyond genres and not strictly (Nashville) country and western. It was Bob Dylan who first really turned me on to what the genre is capable of in the right hands, to this day his 2nd finest period was around the John Wesley HardingNashville Skyline/Blood on The Tracks combination.

Sadly though, I lost the taste for it for a long time because of the blandness of the genre and it was only hearing unsigned musicians on the net that sparked that interest again. Obviously I'm on the folkie kick because Emmett Grayson is a country musician and singer and, I shamefully admit, previously unknown to me. He approached me through the blog some time ago, but it's only lately that I have been able to spend some time with his music. That Rock Is Gonna Roll is classic old time country, with some beautifully recorded instrumentation and a song that grows on you with every playing.

I mentioned Johnny Cash because tonally Emmett has some of that warm, vibrant quality he was so justly famed for. In some ways the song also lends itself to that comparison because once you realise what the rock is, and it's part in the story, things get much more interesting. When I finally got to scan the lyrics, it confirmed that this is indeed the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and I have to say I found it most uplifting - as the best of these kind of songs are. Obviously straight country is probably a minor taste but if you have it, you really got to hear what Emmett can do.

Highly Recommended Country.

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