Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bayn - The Aurora Incident

Hear The Track Here

I don't know what it is about the English Midlands but you wait ages for a band to come along, then several come along at once at you find yourself kneedeep in the critters. I reviewed Wwolves from Nottingham a while back and Bayn caught sight of that and thought that Derby (ie their home town) should be represented as well, and rightly so. Bayn are unashamedly metal in all respects, music, image and lyrical quality and - as an added bonus - a singer who sings from his boots. I kid you not, it doesn't get much lower and raspier than this... Funnily enough I've been exposed to a great deal of this kind of music of late and (gulp) I even nod to this one...

Intricate, dark and menacing is the name of the game and there aren't really that many who get it right. It isn't just about sound and looks, it's about the underlying atmosphere too and they have to work in tandem. More so when the lyrics take a devilish turn (if you get my meaning) because the whole thing is supposed to scare the crap out of normal people, it is what the genre was invented for. Mind you, I have to be honest, if it hadn't have been my exposure to metal and rock just lately, I might not have given this a second glance because - let's face it - metal is not everyone's cup of tea. And sometimes not even mine.

The one thing I do require of almost all musical forms is that they make sense, and part of that has to be whether or not the piece is convincing. In that respect, despite a kinda ho hum start, I actually managed to warm to this track and even appreciate the effort these guys have put into this track (and the other tracks on their The Apophis EP I suspect). It also helps that I am a big fan of Rammstein and am used to the growly delivery. Musically, these guys are inventive, fluid and rocking the place down and I bet they'd go down a storm where metal is respected and honoured.

Highly Recommended Metal.

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