Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cam's Even Song - So Fay Rae

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Having staked his entire musical catalog out of the equivalent of writing a song about everything Cameron Bastedo (for it is he) sees, hears or smells, it was ever likely that - sooner or later - he would write about the mighty King Kong. In this case, the original 1933 black and white classic featuring Fay Wray, although I'm not sure whether the mispelling is intentional or not. There again, Cam is also a teacher so he's got to be right, innit? (bats eyelids). If I've left you at the starting gate with a blank look, then obviously you haven't been around here a lot. Cam is one of several veteran Soundclick stalwarts who music continues to impress members of that site, and indeed my own readers.

Cam's Even Song is a Christian musician who manages to tread that fine line between folksy and preachy and does it extraordinarily well. So well, in fact, that I made him my Artist Of The Year 2006 and believe me that's a hard nut to crack - and virtually impossible for the other kind of Christian, if you know what I mean. When Cam isn't doing that, he is making whimsical, often funny narratives based on events in his life, newspaper stories and maybe even cereal packets for all I know. Cam explains the story behind So Faye Rae as 'Girl finds love in unlikely place, ape pays big price. You know, the old story' and then commences to tell the story his way where - for example - King Kong is 'a real tough blood, from a dinosaur hood' who met a girl on safari and 'now he's ape in the heart, for some New York tart'

And therein lies the beauty in what Cam's Even Song is all about. Cam is a consummate songwriter, it's something he literally HAS to do, and over the years his music and songs have enlivened many a review session and So Faye Rae is no exception. Coming from the pop rock, whimsical side of Cam's personality which, to be honest, is not my preferred Cam style, the track still acquits itself honourably and shows that Cam's Even Song show no signs of running out steam any time soon. There will be those who would carp that Cam's style isn't 'modern' but that would miss the point entirely. It's the song, stupid. btw, this has some great acoustic sounds into the bargain....(Ed: that fact for the plank spankers, as Gilmore would call them). More to the point, the video accompanying it features the man himself, and very good it is too.

Highly Recommended pop rock.

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