Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pidgeman - You Mean The World To Me

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To my certain knowledge Pidgeman has been making and releasing music online for a good many years. I first encountered him in 2007 and there has been a lot of musical water under the bridge since then. So it stands to reason that after that amount of time, the thing you could bank on most would be technical quality - in songwriting and production. Most of the musicians who have been around on this scene for some time learn those lessons real quick, leaving you (the listener) only one real choice; do you like it or not? For me, the pinnacle of what we do is to give the listener that choice, rather than have to go through endless demos - which is what it felt like back at the beginning.

(sigh) yes I was there too...

Suffice to say, Pidgeman always delivers and although I believe he has made better tracks, You Mean The World To Me is miles above the obvious competition and shows that Pidgeman has learned his presentation extremely well. Musically this track flows seamlessly, aided by a faultless production and anyone who is familiar with Pidgeman's particular take on the rock animal will take to this like a duck to water. So what does that mean for the drive-by hordes? Well, your starting point would have to be classic rock of one kind or another, your second would be impeccable music. For an example of this, listen to the section in this track where the organ enters the frame - knockout idea and execution.

On that score, Pidgeman does beautifully and if you've picked up a tone in this review it's purely a stylistic thing. See, Pidgeman is an equal opportunity plunderer (I mean that in the nicest way) and he takes influences from both UK and US rock history and - to my ears - this is a bit too American sounding for my tastes. Oh, and it's also a semi-ballad thing too and that could certainly play a part. As I said earlier, there is only one choice here, whether you like it or not. I certainly like it enough to add to my own personal Pidgeman collection, but you'll have to make up your own mind.

Highly Recommended Pop Rock of quality,

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