Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mike-K - I Won't Give Up Ft Mista Perez

Hear The Track Here

Well, lookee there, Mike-K! It's been a long, long while since I last reviewed this musician/DJ/veteran of the scene, and it was a pleasant surprise to see him putting his name down this month on the dotted line. For those who don't know, Mike Kohlgraf has been around a long time, made gazillions of friends and - along the way - has become a much loved and respected member of a wider music scene than Soundclick. Way back in the mists of Soundclick's past Mike was a very active member of Soundclick, being one of the first to jump on Soundclick's (then new) idea of stations. Shortly after that, he took to the internet airwaves for real, hosting the long running Saturday Night Rocks show currently at home on Mixposure.

Mike is joined on this track by another Mixposure name, Mista Perez whose Temptation And Other Things...(November 2009) showed a very sophisticated (read smooth) line in music, one it seemed that would be a perfect fit to Mike's own preferred brand.The music and production would appear to be down to Mike, with Mista Perez supplying lyrics and vocals sounding like a cross between Prince and The Bee Gees in a track that justly earns it's Smooth R&B tag.

With either of these musicians it is pointless to look for flaws, their experience would have washed out most of the obvious ones, so what you get is a clear, clean mix and the kind of clarity this kind of music specialises in. Personally, as I have said many times, I don't care for music like this but - on a review level - I can see that have both spent time and effort in making this track as good as it could be. Mind you, its easy-on-the-ear feel is certainly going to find favour on the wider scene, lots of people (I'm told) do like smooth anything... Me, I just shrug and move right along...

Recommended for the pairing and the vocals.

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