Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hana Pirana - My Nerves Were Made For Grinding EP

Hear The Track Here

I thank whatever guardian angel is looking after me that my children are boys. Bad enough that one of them likes Justin Beiber, but I wouldn't have been able to cope if Hanna Montana had been on the cultural agenda. Thankfully, however, we slid by that bear trap with ease (with the slight stumble with Beiber being a mere irritation). Now, as if the universe has aligned with my wishes, this daddy can introduce his sons to one Hana Pirana who - by name alone - is already miles above the teenies we have been discussing. Hana approached me to review her latest EP through the Rebel Riffs blog, and with a name like this, how could I refuse?

Me being a well known coward of the world, of course...

So, aside from the catchy name, a very fetching image does Hana have any other unique selling points? Well, funny you should mention that because Hana has a very unique selling point. She plays violin-led rock that is a treat to this jaded earholes, and may do the same trick with you. As you know, I do tend to get through a wodge of music every month so it's only likely that I become somewhat blase. It takes something very different and/or idiosyncratic to capture my attention properly so that I really WANT to spend time with it. Well, Hana Pirana manages to be both idiosyncratic and different and she rocks...big time.

There are three tracks on the Grinding EP: Thin Air, My Nerves Were Made For Grinding (not, as I first thought, My Nuts Were Made For Grinding) and Paper Doll and I'll tell you truth, I am hard pressed to single out one I like more than any other track. Each has its own style and feel, but solidly based in good old rock music and musically it ranges from sub Hot Rats Zappa to punky vocalists to some amazingly hard rock sections. Moreover, Hana is also an idiosyncratic songwriter and a powerful singer who knows how to put a song over. If all that wasn't enough (she had me at the image, of course) she also happens to be a fiery, passionate violinist whose contribution is the highlight of these tracks. I could have a couple of digs about the overall sound, but that is such small change.. Go over, listen to all three...

MUST HAVE violin rock (I kid ye not)

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