Saturday, May 14, 2011

Distant Autumn - Just The Same

Hear The Track Here

John Brandon, Al McNeill and Brad Strickland make up the entity known as Distant Autumn and with this track, these guys are batting three for three; three tracks out, three Gilmore reviews... I sense a pattern here. Mind you, it's a well established and long standing pattern started by the aforementioned John Brandon, first when he was a member of Silvertrain and secondly as a member of just about any band going. I jest, of course, but only slightly. From being in a kind of maybe/sometime band like Silvertrain, he has grown like Topsy the last couple of years with Distant Autumn and Those Among Us.

This is, apparently, Al McNeil's first song which surprises me because John is usually in that role. Here he just 'lent my ears this time round' which means that this is pretty much a collab between the less familiar members of the band. Truth is, I loved the first track, You Know What You Do (October 2010) but didn't go so much for Shine (January 2011) but this is purely a personal taste thing because these are committed and experienced musicians, not going to be able to bitch and moan about technical problems...sheesh..

For a first song, Just The Same scrubs up real nice in that effortless pop rock way that is a feature of all their tracks. It is beyond doubt that Distant Autumn will find a large audience for all their work, so it's just a question of favouritism. To my mind, they still have to eclipse that first track, but as I say this is a purely personal thing nothing to do with the music or the song. As it is, Just The Same is an American flavoured power rock ballad that will go down very nicely at sites like Soundclick and Mixposure but might not travel that well on more modern sites.

Classic pop rock though. Highly Recommended.

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