Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gabriel Sabadi - La Vuelta (The Return) - Listen

Hear The Track Here

Like many internet musicians, Gabriel Sabadi straddles a mess of different websites and social media - a necessary part of promoting yourself as a musician these days - and seems to gain friends wherever he goes. Partly because he is a very friendly kind of guy, and partly because of the sophistication and depth of his musical works, technically and artistically. Now that's quite a stretch for me to say all that because, in reality, Gabriel's absolute all-time favourite genre of choice is prog-rock: big in hair and ideas. Luckily, in this case, Gabe has dispensed with all the showy glitz and just gone for cracking tunes that almost hug your brain. Damn catchy stuff too, some of it. Almost makes an old prog-rock curmudgeon like myself ashamed at some of my more vitriolic outpourings against the genre.

Please note the key word 'almost'...

Gabriel is joined on La Vuelta (The Return) - Listen (don't ask, I have no idea) by another legendary figure in certain internet circles, the one - and definitely only - Ked Dieter, mad axeman of the North and petrolhead par excellence. I'd say gas-head to be more linguistically correct but Ked is several planet sizes bigger than me and I'm certain he wouldn't take lightly to being called gas head. Oh ****. I just did it, didn't I? Quick, the music!!! It's absolutely pointless to review anything from these musicians on a technical level, they have both long passed that test with flying colours. Suffice to say the production quality evident on this track speaks volumes for their technical ability.

Like any halfway decent prog-rock, this is a track of many different shades and textures including the amazing tones that flow out of Ked's fingers and I defy anyone who knows him not to start grinning as soon as he loosens up his chops part way into the track. There is a playfulness in the track that isn't immediately apparent, I only started to notice it after a few plays but it is the element that - for me - made this the listening pleasure it was. More to the point, for a prog-rock track it came in at a very manageable six minutes and even old curmudgeons can appreciate that. All joking aside, this is two long time musicians having a lot of fun working together, and it shows.

Highly Recommended prog axefest.

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