Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ralph Atkinson - Throw The TV Out Of The Window

Hear The Track Here

When I was growing up, television was a unifying force; a truly awesome medium that seemed to always be on the verge of great things. In the UK (land of 3 channels for the longest time) it gave people something to talk about the next day or - if it was a particularly exciting programme - the whole week. It also, of course, gave me exposure to some of the musicians who would consequently shape my own life. Watching the Sixties heroes in dazzling black and white was the highlight of my young life, and many of the other programmes had a lot to offer too. But that was then, and this is the brash and newly digital 21st Century, so best do as Ralph Atkinson suggests. I haven't watched TV itself in years and I don't even own one.

There again, I don't own anything so that's no comparison.

If you are a regular reader of these literary chicken entrails, you will already well aware of Canadian musician and songwriter Ralph Atkinson, and who knows you may already be a fan of this increasingly diverse musician. Like a lot of Soundclick musicians, Ralph lets the music do the talking for him, giving us some very tasty examples of blues, rock and anything in between in the couple of years I have known of him. 'Everyone watched 'til they were nearly blind' he sings, 'and it stole our hearts as it was stealing our minds' and I can only nod my head in understanding. Know exactly what you mean with this song.

Ralph has consistently proved his musical mettle, backing it up with some considerable technical chops and, to my ears anyway, seems to be getting better with each successive track. Now that could well be me being swayed but I love this track, and I am not afraid to say it. The reason for that is twofold; it's a great song and it's beautifully put together with some vocal harmony tracks that are honey to the ears. Mind you, it has this bluesy feel running through it and IMHO Ralph Atkinson is definitely at his best when playing in that genre.

Highly Recommended bluesy pop and MUST HAVE for fans.

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