Saturday, May 21, 2011

PLB (Bay Area) - Fixing The World (Japanese)

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It's no good going 'uh oh' and shaking your head, it has to be said that if any musician you've ever known was as confident and uncaring of opinion as PLB (Bay Area)'s Patrick Lew, then the world would surely be a much noisier and discordant place. Regular readers of these reviews are probably already cowering under their tables ready for the sonic onslaught about to descend upon their poor uncomprehending hearing equipment because, to put it mildly, Patrick Lew follows his own star. Put it like this, if I hadn't known that Patrick was singing this in Japanese (not his mother tongue btw) I still would have said it was like past tracks from this source.

Baffling. Exuberant. Irritating.

All words I have applied to Patrick's work before and will come as no surprise to him whatsoever. Patrick's problem (at least with me) is that he doesn't live in the same musical universe as the rest of us and - surprisingly enough - that's OK. I must admit that I did cut up extremely rough with the first few tracks I heard from this SF based Taiwanese-American, but time, as they say, heals all wounds. Either that or his music has sealed my ears up. Either way, what I do admire about Patrick is his uncompromising stance on what he does, leaving you but one choice - love it or hate it.

As a musical reference, Patrick's music evolved from the early West Coast grunge scene of Washington, filtered through a miasma of influenced by living in San Francisco and its own roots in grunge (or you could say garage) music. I'd say that Patrick is, in essence, a bit of a thrasher and a wailer whose sense of musical progression seems to have been enhanced by several large quarts of mind altering substances and a healthy disregard for any form of musical coherence. Definitely not a musician to be taken lightly, the one thing I can actually guarantee is that it will either terrify you or have you scratching your head muttering 'wtf' under your breath.

不可解な (Ed: Japanese for baffling)

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