Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jon Solo - Drift Away

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No relation, btw, to another legendary superhero, Han Solo. (Ed: and it's downhill from there folks!) Harrumpphh!! Not even started before I'm bushwacked... Anyway, Jon Solo (the musician and superhero) has made what seems like a big impact in a very short time on Soundclick's de-nuded forums. What people tend to forget is that Jon was also there back in the glory days of Soundclick (yes, there was one) and has obviously learned a trick or two along the way. Out of the four tracks I have reviewed so far, three got a Must Have rating and despite all appearances, I don't hand them out like Smarties (and no, I don't mean M&M's).

Uh oh, sweet wars!! **** drift away, run awaaaaayyyyyyyy...

Jon Solo's secret is encapsulated in three letters: p-o-p. It has been at the root of all the tracks I have heard from him and - let me tell you - it takes a special skill to pull it off successfully. That's why hit records are so prized, after all. At least, that was so until the internet that is. I've heard lots and lots of hits from unsigned and unknown musicians but in a world where the dollar talks and music walks, they are highly unlikely to be real world hits. One them just has to be Jon's Elisabeth Shue (June 2009), a beautiful example of Beatle based pop.

Although still with that same Beatle-ish feel, Drift Away, also reminds me of yet another 1960's band that is often overlooked. The Hollies were a Manchester band who rose to fame with a great blend of vocal harmonies, one of the members being Graham Nash who went on to form Crosby, Stills Nash, one of the prime innovators in this style. The reason I drag history (and the resultant dust) into this conversation is actually a compliment to Jon's unerring ability to...well, nail it I suppose. Whatever it is, it's a gift and Jon makes good use of it. So should you.

MUST HAVE pop of the old school.

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