Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alchemystic - Tahtoo Parempaa (Argle Remix)

Hear The Track Here

Now I am, as you know, a bit of a grumpy gruff about most music that doesn't start with an R and end with a K, but I do make exceptions - usually because those asking for reviews force me to, but hey, what can you do? People I have known for a while, of course, can usually skate all kinds of stuff past me without (much) complaint but there are genres where even friends can test my patience. One of those areas being dance music in general, and the electronic kind in particular. Usually because I find that very unchallenging musically, but Adam Kirby (aka Alchemystic) has long been one of those musicians who can clamber over my puny defenses. Come to think of it, so can Hekki Roots (aka Reflexion X) whose original track this is.

Best thing about remixes (for me anyway) is trying to figure out who did what, which is why I have also given you a link to the original so you can come back and piss and moan about how much I got wrong. (Ed: damn sir, you sound crabby today!) Hekki's original lies in the Urban : Neo-Soul range on Soundclick but to my ears sounds more like electro-pop with a Eurovision slant which probably comes about because it's all in Finnish (I think). btw, it sounds better downloaded than streamed though - just a word to the wise. And yes, it is worth downloading, Reflexion X is good at his stuff. So, the burning question is how much has Alchy changed it and the answer is as surprising as it can be.

I started this review rapping about my taste for rock music and Argle's (don't ask) remix stomps around like the bad rock boy it has become in his hands. Which is a bit of double surprise because - I don't think - I've heard any rock from this quarter, and damn I want more now! It isn't a question of what Alchemystic has done to the track, more of a what hasn't he done to it, if you know what I mean. The original is a pleasant enough track mind, but when put through the Alchemystic filter it grew rock balls and muscles Arnie would have been proud of.

MUST HAVE rock (honest!!)

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