Tuesday, May 24, 2011

April K - Artist Overview

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It isn't often but, every once in a while I break my own rules. Well, ya gotta sometimes right, even if its just to kick at the traces? The rule in question being the one about reviewing from downloaded files. April K, a 'spoken word' musician apparently, came to me through the Rebel Riffs blog with such a nice request I couldn't refuse. It meant wandering over to Myspazz for a while as I considered her material but hey, small change... What? What? Yes, she's a girl but no, that isn't the whole (and sole) reason for this rule relaxation routine, funnily enough it was the songs that did it. Actually, 'fessing up, it was the song titles...as you'll see.

There are only four tracks on her site, so let's start with Broke-Arse Guys, which sounds like fun. 'Broke arse guys who do you think you are, no job, no house, no cash, no car' she raps (Ed: aaah, THAT spoken word) although she makes it clear that she isn't aiming for a rich guy, just someone who is her equal at bringing home the bacon. 'Nothing sexy about a guy who hasn't got a pot to piss in' she says, and I can only nod my head in agreement. Coming from somewhere around London, it is inevitable that contrasts to Lily Allan would be made when listening to her material but she's a much softer, easier listen to my ears. She doesn't however pull any punches lyrically so if profanity or sexual imagery is a problem for you, sod off before we all start calling you Auntie. Both I'm A Whore and I Love Shagging are - surprisingly enough - about sex and worthy of a listen, although be best have a box of tissues handy (Ed: FFS, you can't say that!!)

Chavs Like Me scans like April's political manifesto, as she describes the life she finds herself living as a self-described 'chav'. Personally, I don't like the word because it is often used in a derogatory manner, but I do understand the life she describes (from my own experiences) and applaud her willingness to at least try and stand on her own two - independent - feet. However, as she says in the track, this is a hard life, full of abuse from strangers who know ***all about you but who are extremely quick to judge you based on the way you look or speak. Out of the four tracks, Broke Arse Guys is the most complete and ready to roll but if you like gritty, truthful hip hop, this girl has some moves for you.

Recommended UK hip hop.

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