Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ian Dadon - Demon Inside

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Having reviewed a great many singer/songwriters there is no doubt that I have become somewhat jaded. Along with that has come an unwillingness to cut the breed many breaks, especially technically, which the whole genre suffers from. What does it matter, you ask, am I not always saying it's the song that counts? Yep, but only when you can make sense of the thing through the lo-fi that is. One of the problems with me seeing what Isreali musician Ian Dadon had to offer in those early tracks was my own blinkered vision and the lo-fi nature of it all. Subsequent tracks saw that tighten up considerably though and although the rough edges are still present, the emphasis is most definitely on the song. And yes (sigh) he still sounds a bit like JPC (NZ) but IMHO that's a good thing too.

Now maybe I haven't noticed it before, or maybe it's just the natural evolution of the thing but, judging by Demon Inside - a completely new song - the arrangement is much subtler, adventurous even and IMHO the game changer. However, like the aforementioned JPC (NZ) it comes with a built-in snag. There is no denying that voices and songs of the kind songwriters like Ian and JPC write (and people like Cam Bastedo too for that matter) are certainly to be considered as an acquired taste, because their vocals are not what you expect but, given time, can grow on you like Topsy - whoever that is.

It seems unfair in some way to compare songwriters like the three I have mentioned because this is, after all, a review of an Ian Dadon track, However my reason for doing so was to show you that these songwriters/singers/musicians all have a love of complex lyrical turns, and surprising, out-of-the-box way of scoring it musically. One of the reasons I have come to like Ian's work is because the man so obviously takes time and effort to make this material, so if I have to wade through a couple of niggles to get to it, it seems like a small price to pay. Musically, this is tagged as rock, and indeed it is, but the more musical side of the field for sure...

Highly Recommended song.

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