Friday, December 03, 2010

WTF!! Is this an Ad????

Looks like one, I'll grant you that. Even smells like one, so maybe I have to confess that it is - indeed - a nefarious ad. There again, I thought that if I can't use this space to push artists I believe in, what is the point? So, yes, this is an ad - and your invitation to see the Temptress named Kiria. Live and in person!! But only, unfortunately if you happen to be in London.

So, want to be wild in London?? Here's your chance...

Festival of Sins December 11th 2010

Just think, Kiria AND leather... :) How can you resist??

(Ed: Mmmmm mmmm gimmie some of that...)

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Anonymous said...

That's a very nice looking body on that Les Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!