Saturday, December 25, 2010

Marc Blackwell - Bring Me Trouble

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I've been around the block so long that I often get messages like 'I remember you from...' and this track request came about that way. Some years ago I was reviewing out of several sites, MP3 Unsigned being one of them. I happened across Dean Taylor there when I reviewed Could There Be (January 2007), and listened a great deal to a track he did with the late, lamented Mary Gottschalk. Couldn't say, hand on heart, that he made my kind of music but hey, takes all kinds. I think I'd find it difficult to make a reasoned judgement on the basis of one song. On this track Dean shares the lyrical duties although the track is rightly credited to Marc Blackwell, of whom I know very little but this track puts that right eh?

Bring Me Trouble is the title track of Marc's latest LP and if this track is anything to go by, that album promises to be a knockout. There is a note on the page that 8 out of the 10 songs on the album are already signed for film/tv work and that should come as no surprise, Quality, as the saying goes, will out, especially quality as radio-friendly as Bring Me Trouble. Tell you what, one of the main draws for me in watching The Sopranos (besides Tone and da boyz) was that absolutely killer theme tune and - more than anything else - that is what Bring Me Trouble reminds me of.

It's obviously a different beast of course, just has similarities and what it does show is the incredible amount of time, trouble and experience poured into this one track. If the intention of throwing this one at me to get me interested in the album then hey, they win hands down. Gimmie the thing before I rip your arms off trying to steal it. Alongside Marc's very distinctive vocals are some wonderful backing vocals courtesy of Morgen La Civita and rock solid production values. All told, one heck of an introduction to a new artist but one I suspect I will hear a lot more of.

MUST HAVE stomper.

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Dean said...

Hey Steve,
Happy Holidays. Thanks for taking the time to review this song. It's always a good learning experience to hear what others think of our music.
Dean Taylor
Lyricist, "Bring Me Trouble"