Monday, December 20, 2010

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - The Woods Of Klorath

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I try real hard when doing these reviews to be as objective and (I hope) professional as possible, while being totally honest about my feelings concerning the music in question. If I don't like something I say it right out loud. And then there is music that - in all honesty - I have no real affinity with. Surprisingly enough, given my critical output, that's quite a long list and - unfortunately - Weylin's Slayer Orchestra seemed to have picked most of them to work in. Still the one thing to understand here is that it's just an opinion, a personal opinion, and can be taken with the requisite pinch of salt. Which I will supply, if need be.

Obviously then, Weylin and I have disagreed in the past, but no not in the fiery sense. Just a question of interpretation I guess. See what I require from music is that it touches me in some way and - as much as I find it enjoyable to listen to something I normally wouldn't - there is a point where it makes musical sense to me, or not. Certainly, Supernova (November 2010) or Flight Of Sideria (October 2010) have nothing to feel shame about and I hope I made that clear at the time. I fear that The Woods of Klorath are going to be the same response too, because it's even closer to a soundtrack (game/film) than either of the previous two tracks.

It's a nice piece of music, don't get me wrong. It's well mixed and produced, and it has great use of string and orchestral sounds - all of which ticks the correct boxes for me so where exactly could this be going wrong. As much as I like it as a piece of music (and believe it or not I do), it still isn't the sort of thing I would go searching for in a quiet moment (Ed: what's that?) and that is the unvarnished truth. On the other hand, I can see this in a game/video/film setting and seeing it work because (obviously) that is where it is aimed and not at someone like me. So, on that score, I'd say this was a winner.

Recommended atmospheric soundtrack.

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