Friday, December 31, 2010

Pilesar - The Fingerling (Live)

Hear The Track Here

Sliding into the honourable final review slot of 2010 is none other than Pilesar, that East Coast lunatic who has scrambled many a brain this year, and in a good many preceding years too. Seems like I have known this musician a long time but he never fails to amuse me musically, whether it's his more structured (of such a term can apply to Pilesar) work, or his totally unscripted live performances. These have definitely been at the forefront of his work this year and has - to my way of thinking - probably bought a lot of new listeners into the Pilesar Palisade, and that's no bad thing. Music this different (and challenging) needs to be heard by wider audiences and yes, it makes a difference to see him actually doing all that stuff.

So, Ladles and Gerbils, on this solomon Caucasian, let me present to your earlobes - direct from the French Embassy Washington DC - Piiiiiiiillllsssaaaaarrrr. And the crowd go wild (it says here). Me, I'm still wondering if it's a strip club or a night club. French Embassy mate, never 'eard of it. Anyway in the interests of peaceful relations, it was nice of the French Embassy to host such a shindig for ya boy innit? Mind you, I wonder if they knew what they were letting themselves in for. Let's find out...but straighten your garments please... This is a posh do, no sneakers, T-shirts and beer bellies here.

Pilesar obviously realises this because I have to say that it is rare to hear him this restrained. Why it's almost - dare I say it - tasteful. If you haven't got the Pilesar plot yet, or at least only the more zany side, then it isn't immediately apparent that there is a musician behind the curtains working the gears. However, one of the things I learned early on is not to underestimate this most adventurous of musicians, and that he can turn his hand to almost anything - and play it on anything too come to that. For sure I have heard weirder contributions from the big P than this, and I've heard some that were just plain musical when all was said and done and The Fingerling fits in that category. A splendid end to the year as it happens.

Pilesar goes Pretty. MUST HAVE experimental.

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