Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Wheel Remixes - Good4You

Hear The Track Here

I find it shameful that I have only managed to review two tracks from the excellent Sunburn In Cyprus over the last two years, especially as both of them knocked me out in that 'oooooh, just thereeeee' kind of way. (Ed: watching you Gilmore...) Know what I mean? There is music that touches your brain, there is music that touches your feet and then there is music that touches all your pleasure centres and Sunburn In Cyprus definitely do that. It's that combination of jazzy style and female vocals, does it for me every time. The last time I encountered them was with If It's Good For Me (November 2010) so if you are wondering what all this guff has to do with the Wheeled Wonder, then wonder no more (Ed: way too much wonder in there...) He went and remixed it obviously, chopping and changing and then adding a 4.

Which, seeing as wheels have woeful numerical skills, could cause problems.

Nonethefekkinless, the original was awesome and I absolutely couldn't resist sticking that and the remix together on my Ipod to see whether my eternal maxim about remixes holds true; if you can't make it your own, don't cover it. Now in lesser hands, and with fewer spokes obviously, I'd be more than a bit worried about matters but Big Wheel has proved himself time after time and he makes (ahem) 'banging choons'. He's also renowned for getting through my 'smooth' filter, and he turns that approach and his established DnB credentials and does indeed turn the track into his own, without giving too much of the original away either. Considerably more propulsive than the original, that's for sure.

Another of my remix yardsticks isn't what the remixer takes from the original, but what he or she adds to the track that is strictly their own. Make a very worthwhile arrangement that makes full use of both sets of audio tools and you have what I would consider a very decent remix indeed. For me, it's the arrangement that makes this track work, and there is no doubt that Big Wheel went to town making it so. More to the point, he recognised the key features of the original and made them work in a totally different way, and that's real class. Do your ears a favour, slap these two tracks together with a cup of tea, a lie down and gain a bit of peace... Wheely good (see? see what I did there??) (Ed: slaps forehead in exasperation)

Highly Recommended drummage and bassage, and angels warbling...

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