Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ian Dadon - City Of Lights2

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All of which left me wondering, what happened to number one? That's City Of Lights2 right? Did number one not come up to scratch? More to the point, will I spend all this month obsessing about it? I do so hate a mystery. Ian Dadon is not a mystery though, I've reviewed a good few of this Israeli musician/songwriter/producer/coffee maker and sweeper-up's tracks and the one thing that is obvious is that he likes a good song. Which is all to the good because I know a lot of people who value the same thing and I certainly do. Mind you, there have been - of late - some hints of prog-rock in his work but I've been applying the salve regularly so maybe I won't go postal over that quite yet. Hey, who knows, maybe I'm showing some Christmas spirit for once...............naaaaahhh.

So Ian Dadon's second city? Worth a visit??

It will be instantly recognisable to those who know acoustic rock because you will have heard it's like before, although it definitely has Ian's stamp all over it. As I have mentioned before vocally Ian reminds me somewhat of JPC (NZ) who, while not being a classically great singer, can certainly muster up enough chops to put the tune across and - as with JPC - you get to develop the taste. For me, Ian's main strength is in his songwriting, although the sound quality does improve slightly from track to track, certainly he still sounds quite home produced. That shouldn't be a bar to enjoyment, of course, but I find it often is. People do tend to make snap judgements about music and musicians and that system definitely doesn't favour an artist as deep and emotive as Ian Dadon has proved to be.

His music - even this track - isn't something you are going to pick up from one play, or even from several. This takes a long time to really register and part of the responsibility for that is the slurring of the vocals - very difficult to make out the lyrics. When you are reading the lyrics, it all makes much more sense, and it's a bit of a shame that the words could not be clearer. Still gripes and small change compared to the musical feast that awaits you if you happen to like thinking man's acoustic rock because Ian Dadon is definitely one stretching that particular envelope.

Highly Recommended Acoustic shoegaze...

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