Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - The Unforgettable Fish

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As I crawl fitfully, like a thirsty man in a never ending desert, into my eighth year of reviewing out of Soundclick I have learned how to - how do I put this tactfully? - roll with the punches. No one has supplied more of these (well maybe Patrick Lew is fast catching up) than Houston's finest exhibitors of electronica experimental music - we can call it wtf music, of course - Fear 2 Stop. As regular readers are aware, Fear 2 Stop passed that bruising milestone some years ago, although you will still need a certain amount of musical fortitude to really get into the enigma that is Fear 2 Stop. Believe me, there isn't anyone who sounds like Fear 2 Stop - on this planet or any other.

Now I don't know whether it's their constant pounding on my review door (they are prodigious producers) or whether they (or I) have mellowed with time but I've found I appreciate their work a lot more now than I used to. They still, to my mind, have to live up to the promise they have shown on certain tracks but hey, they at least do it their way. One thing to watch though, I spent the first plays of this looking for the fly but ultimately decided that I must be hearing things. I mean, sensible people wouldn't want to record the flight of a fly, would they? OK, so maybe it's not really a fly but it sure sounds like one.

Some things can always be relied upon in Fear 2 Stop tracks, a sub-bass and/or sequence that is relentless (although not always because jerky and uncontrolled need to be mentioned here too), cheesy drums and a combination of the wildest sounds they can dredge up, usually right up at the higher end of the electronica spectrum vis a vis the fly. It's almost one of those sounds only dogs can hear, if you know what I mean? Nonetheless, if you are a fan of the band, and surprisingly many are, then The Unforgettable Fish is going to be your next port of call (Ed: if you add a 'me hearties' I WILL kill you!). Look at it from my perspective, at least they didn't make me listen to a Christmas track.

Highly Recommended Experimental electronica or Indietronic to be real precise.

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