Sunday, December 12, 2010

Daddy GoGo - Artist Overview

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Oh dear, oh dear, very late starting off this month. Bad Gilmore. Anyway, diving straight in, anyone remember Jane Do3? You may remember that I reviewed a collaboration between her and Daddy Go Go - Babel Remix (September 2010) - which was a pretty decent Old School rap track and - believe me - it isn't often you actually come across a female rapper, let alone a good one. This isn't, of course, about Jane though, more the other collaboree (Ed: is that really a word, Gilmore?) Daddy GoGo. He contacted me through the Rebelriffs blog forever ago and has waited patiently since so the least I can do now is give the tracks (four to be exact) a good workout.

Which I proceeded to do over the course of a few days...

Daddy GoGo, as you might have gathered, a rapper and hip hop musician although not - this time - from Soundclick. He sent me four tracks - All Too Appreciated, Alright, Be Good Together and The Catalyst - with the comment that I should review whichever I wanted to. All to the good really because I really didn't get on with All Too Appreciated but that probably has more to my taste than anything the musician is doing wrong. Alright was much more my style but - to be fair - all the tracks are produced and arranged well, so it would come down to a question of taste, you either like commercially inclined hip hop or you don't. I have to say that I am extremely thankful that the Daddy didn't resort to the dreaded Autotune. Says something about the man, ya know?

Musically, Daddy GoGo is a bit more sophisticated than you may expect and nowhere more so IMO than on Be Good Together which, to my ears, has a smartness and sharpness about it that makes it stand out right from the start. Damn fine rap too as it happens. The production on this sounds subtly different too, but that may just be my ears. The Catalyst is a remix of a Linkin Park, complete with vocals - legally I assume - this being a remix. Having done a few of these jobbies myself, I know how difficult it is to make something meaningful (ie in some way different to the original) Daddy supplies a rap while good, doesn't quite jive with the backing track but hey, I like Linkin Park so I'm a happy camper. I have had a steady diet of indie hip hop, thanks to Soundclick's enormous community and I know what works and what doesn't and Daddy GoGo would fit right in there.

Highly Recommended for Be Good Together (and no swearing!!)

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