Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Satellite 3 - Ghost

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There are three tracks on Satellite 3's Soundclick page, and this is the third one I have reviewed, so how about that for a batting average? Aaaah, but did I like them all? Always the most important question and the answer - in this case - was a tentative yes with a kinda/sorta addendum. Over the time period between reviewing Apathy (June 2010) and Playing With Fire (November 2010), the band have been working on completing this track so now they'd better get a move on because now I've caught up and - much more important - there is an album somewhere that I definitely am going to want to hear.

Apathy (the track not the woe is me) was, with hindsight, not exactly the track to give you a good picture of what Satellite 3 is about. Certainly Playing With Fire kicked some serious rock butt, as was as tight as a ducks ass musically and I really can't think of any more images that have butts in them. Damn, that's sad. Satellite 3 are a trio, in case you hadn't guessed, consisting of Justin Storie, Joey Saha and Aaron Cook who sounded much more band-like with their second track and the same can be said of Ghost.

About the only real complaint I have about the track is that the vocals are consistently a little low in the mix and considering this is a major part of the track's charm this could be a problem. Regular readers will flush heartily when I mention songwriters and musicians such as the wonderful Azoora and the now sadly defunct Can't Stop The Daggers but what have I found? Satellite 3, with their splendid musical taste and superb songwriting instincts could definitely fill that gap, at least for this reviewer. Ghost is a great song and I do suggest you read the lyrics while listening because it will help to get the song across. A strange breed musically for sure, but the sheer amount of ideas and the professional sound and performance bring this home with considerable style.

Highly Recommended alternative.

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