Friday, December 24, 2010

Cam's Even Song - Real Things Cast Shadows

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It's that time of year when old friends appear out of a clear blue sky wishing you the best for the season, and it's that which triggers the rewind process my brain seems intent on foisting on me each and every year. It's also making me realise exactly how long Soundclick's Critics Corner forum (and its denizens) have been part of the texture of my life but - in the depths of the depression this thought brings - there flickers one small, but very warm, spark of comfort. Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song has been right there, slogging away at reviews with me which - for what it's worth - shows the measure of the man and his devotion to music. His music, I have always contended, definitely speaks for itself, and usually better than most. His band of rock pop with a gentle Christianity has won him many fans and much respect and long may it continue to do so.

All of my Artist Of The Year awards since I started them in 2003 have been partly based on the quality of the songwriting and no one has been more deserving of that accolade than Cam, a born songwriter, a natural - which is why he won it in 2006. One of the joys for me is Cam's lyrical style so imagine what I thought when faced with Ying and Yang etc. tell you what, just go read the lyrics. I did that first of all and I have to say it really puzzled me. This is a songwriter who never minces words, let alone turn them into a modern day nursery rhyme. It's only a few lines too, so you wonder how Cam could possibly stretch that into a song but - again - this is where Cam differs from others.

For my money, the guy could read the periodic table and make it work and that is the same with 'Ying Yang, ring a rang room, hey, bing a bang boom' Looks like it couldn't work in a month of Sundays then snags you on the first listen. There again, it's that very accessibility that keeps Cam fans loyal. No matter what the subject matter, no matter what the style, it is always an instant smile maker. As is blindingly obvious I am a long time fan and it shows but if Cam's Even Song is new to you, get catching up with this one then there's only another 265 tracks to go. 'Maybe it's hyperbole, simply an anomaly, - maybe it is' Cam warbles most effectively, ' Maybe it's psychology, or phenomenology, - maybe it is'. yeah and maybe it's bags of talent too.

High Grade rock pop. Highly Recommended.

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