Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Autofonic - Robot Girls

Hear The Track Here

Been a while since I've discovered robot girls but the fascination never seems to end. Oh Hi, you lot. Didn't see you lurking. I'm sure my first statement won't be surprising to you, after all it's obvious that I am very partial to the female species - robotic or otherwise. This fascination with robotic females is a product of a childhood steeped in classic science fiction, and early exposure to Fritz Lang's classic movie Metropolis. Matter of fact, I had fantasies about those 1920's babes throughout most of my teenage years, but hey way too much information eh? Autofonic obviously share my machine lust and even manage to work clips of Metropolis into the excellent video that goes with this track. Got to be worth seeing just for that alone, methinks.

Now where did I put those furry handcuffs?

During the late '70's/early '80's I started getting into what we call electronica today as exemplified by bands such as Kraftwerk, Yello and others and I mention those two in particular because Robot Girls mines this part of history very thoroughly. All to the good really because - to my way of thinking - most of today's electronica doesn't really hold a candle to the material that comes out of the first flowering of electronica and it's mainstream equivalent typified by the likes of Yazoo, Mute Records (in its entirety), Soft Cell, Depeche Mode the list is endless. What makes those bands different from the electronica that surrounds us today is that they understood that all the weirdest noise in the world won't help if there is no song attached.

Luckily for us, Autofonica understand this essential fact because Robot Girls is a terrific little song, whether electronica floats your boats or not. If, however, you have a particular fondness for the sounds I have described then this is definitely aimed squarely at you and you need to take advantage of that. Autofonica are a new name to me and are from Plymouth here in the UK and, best news of all, they are trackers. Not, as you may imagine, hunters of wild animals but they use a piece of software called a tracker (which is where I started out) where every single note and sound is tweaked by code; literally building the track note for note. As an ex-tracker I am amazed at what they have been able to do with it and so will you be.

Highly Recommended electronica and a killer song.

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